Get smarter, while playing.

Collect different Brainkos subjects and test your knowledge through three fun game modes:
  • Quest: Embark on a journey to master the material, topic by topic.
  • Battle: Challenge others players’ bases and defeat their Brainkos by answering questions correctly. Acquire more Brainkos and build a stronger base.
  • Missions: Join teams and play multiplayer games with your classmates.


Maximize student engagement and class performance.

  • Use Brainkos for any subject .
  • Upload original questions or use questions from other teachers in the community.
  • Get fast assessment and gain insights.
  • Personalize Brainkos for each student.


Help your child achieve more

  • No more worrying about your child's homework.
  • Stay in the loop with instant progress updates.
  • Maximize your child’s potential.

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